A racy little IPA

“Racer 5 is an aggressive styled India Pale Ale” – Bear RepublicIMG_4532

First time drinking this India Pale Ale, and actually the first time I’m trying any of Bear Republic’s ales.  The simply designed label doesn’t really give away anything about what’s inside.  Poured it perhaps too slowly leaving quite a small head but the carbonation wasn’t so strong anyway.  It started to recede quickly.  Lovely citrus aroma and from the first sip, I could tell that there were several different hops in it. Coming from California state, like so many other good IPAs, the hops used must be similar but with bits of fruit and herbs added to personalize it.  According to Bear Republic’s official site (http://bearrepublic.com/beer/racer-5-ipa/), it contains Columbus and Cascade hops.  The taste was really very good, not bitter or dry at all.  The alcohol by volume was labelled as 7.5% and left quite a punch after finishing it off.  All in all, a lovely IPA indeed.  Now curious about their other ales!
For more info. about the brewery, check out Wikipedia.
This beer was from an online off license, based in Matsuyama, Ehime.  


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